Sunday, June 11, 2017 | 11:00am - 4:00pm

Free Family Day

Free for all

Participate in Towers, Mazes, and Mirrors, a series of multi-generational, creative-play environments using every-day materials to explore structure, space, and optics with artists Edgar Arceneaux, Nery Gabriel Lemus, and John K. Chan of Formation Association.

Also includes a demonstration by exhibiting artist Carmen Argote; performances by Compass Dance; and an interactive music workshop with storytelling and live performances by Aristea and Josinaldo.

Food truck onsite


Hands-on Activity with Formation Association

Artists Edgar Arceneaux, Nery Gabriel Lemus, and John K. Chan work together as Formation Association, an architecture and environmental design collaborative advancing the interplay between built environments and broader ecologies. For OCMA’s Free Family Day, these artists will bring to visitors the interactive project Collapsing Towers and aMAZING Walls. Visitors will build a crazy and ever shifting maze out of long strips of cardboard while others create a tower with tubes that they then have the pleasure of watching it come crashing down! 


Interactive Performance with Aristea & Josinaldo

Aristea Mellos is an Australian composer of contemporary music and Josinaldo Costa is a Brazillian guitarist. Together, they work with children through storytelling and interactive Q&A sessions—introducing contemporary music to young audiences. On this day, they will add the additional element of considering the artwork on display as inspiration for their compositions.


Artist’s Activity: Place On-fold

2017 California-Pacific Triennial artist Carmen Argote’s project takes place in the museum space that originally displayed outdoor sculpture. To reference this history, Argote painted large-scale, hanging fabric murals depicting forms and patterns inspired by those sculptures. Over the course of the summer, Argote will cut clothing patterns from the fabric and create garments that visitors will be invited to try on—essentially converting this space to a pop-up clothing boutique. Argote will share her inspiration for the artwork and answer questions from visitors.


Live Performance by Compass Dance

As a pre-professional dance company for young dances ages 14 and up, Compass Dance strives to develop individual voices as artists through the exploration of contemporary modern dance. For the Free Family Day, the dancers will perform in a gallery, reacting to the artworks around them.