Thursday, March 16, 2017 | 6:00pm

Participate in Performance Art with Super Critical Mass

As part of the exhibition 2017 California-Pacific Triennial: Building As Ever at the Orange County Museum of Art, the Australian art collective Super Critical Mass is designing the performance and video work, Common Space. OCMA would like to invite you, your colleagues and/or students to help us create it. This is an exciting opportunity to meet new people, explore the gallery in a unique way and experience a dynamic approach to community building with internationally renowned artists.

Super Critical Mass is a participatory sound project directed by Julian Day and Luke Jaaniste. The pair trained as classical composers and adapts these skills to examine the physical and social properties of different spaces using immersive sound. Their process brings together strangers to form instant communities whose interpersonal interactions generate each performance, following simple instructions and architectural cues. Each work involves one type of instrument or sound source to create ‘monochromatic orchestras’ of flutes, bells, voices or domestic objects.

For the 2017 Triennial, SCM is treating the museum building as a single sounding chamber united by its vast concrete floors, which they are using as a kind of musical playing field. The 'mass' will use simple, everyday objects such as ceramic bowls to perform game-like choreographies throughout the galleries.Their idea is to open up the building as a space of play and engagement, a form of ‘commons’ often lacking in the contemporary built environment.

To participate, you simply need to attend six sessions detailed below at OCMA. You do not need any prior experience or training. Luke and Julian specialize in designing easy strategies that evolve through group workshops on site. Each session will involve group exercises and creative development in which your input will help generate the ultimate instructions. SCM will film a video version in early April and perform the work publicly on the opening weekend in May.

DATES  (All sessions are at OCMA with light refreshments provided).

Thursday, March 16th  |  6-7.30pm: Initial informational meeting and short workshop

Saturday, March 18th  |  9-11am: Workshop throughout the galleries

FUTURE DATES (further details to come)

Tuesday, April 11th  |  Workshop 

Wednesday, April 12th  |  Filming

Thursday, May 4th  |  Time TBD: Rehearsal 

Saturday, May 6th  |  Public performance

SUPER CRITICAL MASS is a participatory sound project based in Australia. They have presented works in New York, Los Angeles, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, The Hague and Prague, and featured in the recent 8th Asia Pacific Triennial at the Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia.