Sunday, February 17, 2013 | 11:00am

Richard Jackson: Ain’t Painting a Pain Public Opening

Richard Jackson: Ain’t Painting a Pain is the first retrospective devoted to one of the most radical artists of the last 40 years. Based in Los Angeles since the early 1970s, Jackson has expanded the definition and practice of painting more than any other contemporary figure. His wildly inventive, exuberant, and irreverent take on “action” painting has dramatically extended its performative dimensions, merged it with sculpture, and repositioned it as an art of everyday experience. 

Image Credits:

Richard Jackson, Painting with Two Balls, 1997, Ford Pinto, metal, wood, canvas, acrylic paint, 240 x 432 x 240 in. (609.6 x 1097.3 x 609.6 cm) (20 x 36 x 20 ft.); Courtesy of the Orange County Museum of Art.