Past Exhibitions

ACE Projects at the Lounge: PlayTech

Exhibition Through August 13, 2007

OCMA presents ACE Projects at the Lounge: PlayTech, an exhibition of interactive installations and new media works by members of the Arts Computation Engineering (ACE) program at UC Irvine. The ACE program focuses on the development of new cultural practices with emerging technologies. Each of these artworks includes unique combinations of technologies, much of it designed and built by the artists specifically for these pieces.

Create a virtual painting with a remote control car, compose a musical score by playing Go, make landscape music by traveling a photographic panorama, sit back and enjoy the evolution of concrete poetry as text morphs into meaningful patterns, or immerse yourself iin a digital DJ performance that uses unique turntables as an interface with real time audiovisual generators.

Image credit:
Byeong Sam Jeon, Drop Drop, 2007, Interactive installation, University of California, Riverside Art Gallery

Exhibition Credits

This exhibition was coorganized by Aimee Chang, former OCMA curator of contemporary art and Simon Penny, professor of Art and Engineering and co-director, ACE program, UC Irvine.


Major support for Orange Lounge programs is provided by The James Irvine Foundation. Orange Lounge design and construction funded by the Segerstrom Foundation. Technical support provided by Integrated Media Systems. Special thanks to the Beall Center for Art + Technology.