Past Exhibitions

Hypermedia (SCP)

Exhibition Through September 26, 2004

Hypermedia is the inaugural exhibition of the Orange County Museum of Art's new Orange Lounge at South Coast Plaza. Dedicated to the presentation and interpretation of video art, computer and Web-based art, sound works, and other forms of new media, the Orange Lounge is an innovative museum initiative. Among the highlights of the exhibition is Diana Thater's Wicked Witch (1996), consisting of six large-scale video projections, which transforms the Orange Lounge's exhibition space into a psychedelic poppy field. Inspired by the film classic The Wizard of Oz, Thater's Wicked Witch explores the relationship between nature and culture, the effects of technology on perception, and the formal properties of the video medium itself. Wicked Witch is one of the most important examples of video art in the museum's collection and a prominent work by this celebrated Los Angeles-based artist.

Also featured in Hypermedia is Telephones (1995), a new video acquisition by Christian Marclay. Known as both a musician and an artist, Marclay creates works that explore ways in which sound is experienced. From the first ring and 'hello' to the final 'good-bye,' Telephones strings together snippets of famous movie telephone calls to create a humorous and riveting composite conversation.

A collection of five video works by Bill Viola can be watched from the reclining viewing area in the back of the Orange Lounge. The Reflecting Pool - Collected Work (1977-1980) features five independent works that also function as a whole. Using a wide range of techniques, from slow motion to rapid editing, these works present the progressive stages of the journey from birth to death. With images of transition - from day to night, object to reflection, motion to stillness - the works in The Reflecting Pool speak of universal life experiences.

The Orange Lounge's first commissioned work Atari Poetry IV (2004), by New York-based artist Yucef Merhi, completes the Hypermedia exhibition. In this work from his Atari Poetry series, Merhi reprogrammed a classic Atari 2600 video game system, using binary codes and assembler language, to turn a TV screen into a site for exhibiting his own poetry. Having studied poetry and art Merhi creates these works as a means of exploring the creative connections between technology and language.


Diana Thater, Wicked Witch, 1996
Three-lens video projectors, laser disc player, CAV laser disc, and existing architecture
Edition 2 of 2/ Variable dimensions/ Museum purchase with funds provided through prior gift of Lois Outerbridge

Christian Marclay, Telephones, 1995
Single-channel video; 7:30 minutes
Museum purchase with funds provided through
prior gift of Lois Outerbridge

Francis Alys filming El Gringo, 2003
Video still from Point of View:
A Contemporary Anthology of the Moving Image
Museum purchase with funds provided through
prior gift of Lois Outerbridge

Exhibition Credits

The Orange Lounge presents solo and group exhibitions and special events featuring artist demonstrations, performances, and discussions that investigate the impact of digital media on contemporary visual culture. From real-time computer-generated moving images, to room-sized video installations, to artworks based strictly on the Web, the Orange Lounge is a dynamic site for exploring and interacting with new media art. Catalogues, CDs and other products related to video and new media are available from the shop in the Orange Lounge.

Orange Lounge visitors can view Orange Video, a viewer-navigated menu with access to the museum's growing collection of single-channel videos by artists such as Douglas Gordon, Gary Hill, Joan Jonas, William Dentridge, Paul McCarthy, NamJune Paik, Pipilotti Rist, and William Wegman.

The Orange Lounge web site connects you to online exhibitions, new media resources, and global news postings. View announcements about current and upcoming exhibitions and programs in the Orange Lounge. The Orange Lounge website is designed by Amy Franceschini and David Lu of Futurefarmers, a new media collective. 


Orange Lounge design and construction funded by the Segerstrom Foundation.

Major support for Orange Lounge programs is provided by The James Irvine Foundation.

Technical support provided by Integrated Media Systems.