Past Exhibitions

Jason Dodge

Exhibition Through September 25, 2005

With exquisitely crafted objects, enigmatic symbols, and an acute sense of modern design, Jason Dodge presented an elaborate tableaux of mysterious narratives. Characters, both fictive and real, were presented as protagonists in Dodge’s scenes where the truth is elusive. Dodge’s installations also often introduce remote corners of the world, or exotic locales—places known exist, yet rarely seen. In Dodge's new installation for the Orange County Museum of Art, he evokes life in a remote fishing village in Greenland and a fictive character known as Wickerfinn Lutz.


Jason Dodge, between sunset and sunrise in Greenland, 2005


Exhibition Credits

Orange County Museum of Art’s Installation Series engages some of the most vital and promising artists working locally, nationally, and internationally to create new works. The Installation Series is organized by Irene Hofmann, Curator of Contemporary Art.