Past Exhibitions

The Pacific Project: Zheng Chongbin

Exhibition Through December 4, 2016


The fourth installment of The Pacific Project showcases a new video, Branches are Roots in the Sky (2016), by Shanghai/San Francisco artist Zheng Chongbin. In the video, the artist explores how we construct our knowledge of the world and its flows and changes through our perceptions of time, space, and surface. This premiere of Zheng’s video will be complemented by four of his ink paintings. While influenced by the significant heritage and impact of traditional ink painting on Chinese artists, Zheng’s goal is to make his works relevant for a 21st-century audience.




The Pacific Project: Zheng Chongbin is organized by the Orange County Museum of Art. Image: Zheng Chongbin, Casted Drawing B (2013); ink and acrylic on Xuan paper. Promised gift to OCMA from RH, Restoration Hardware. © Zheng Chongbin