Past Exhibitions

Yoshitomo Nara (SCP): Your Dog

Exhibition Through June 13, 2004

A larger-than-life sculpture of a puppy is the centerpiece of this installation of work by Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara. This friendly puppy created in fiberglass presents a dog's dual nature both as a cuddly pet to children and a frightening creature who is often much larger than the child. By creating this puppy on such a scale, Nara brings us back to our childhood when dogs looked enormous and had both a sweet and menacing character. Nara's surreal puppy, whimsical drawings and charming products are informed by his memories of childhood, expressing the pain, joy, and innocence of youth.


Yoshitomo Nara, Your Dog, 2001; fiberglass, edition 1of 6, 74 x 48 x 97 inches; Courtesy of Locksley-Shea Gallery, Minneapolis.