Past Exhibitions

Yucef Merhi: Poetic Engineering (SCP)

Exhibition Through August 28, 2005

Poetry and electronic media merged in the Orange Lounge with Poetic Engineering, a solo exhibition of works by new media artist Yucef Merhi. In his works, telephone lines, clocks, computer screens, and video game systems were transformed into artworks that incorporated the artist's written words. Some of the works included in Poetic Engineering were from Merhi's Atari Poetry series, in which he reprogrammed classic Atari 2600 video game systems, using binary codes and assembler language, as a means of exploring the creative connections between technology and language.


Yucef Merhi, Atari Poetry I (detail), 2001
VCS Atari 2600 and TV screen; dimensions variable
Courtesy of the artist

Exhibition Credits

Poetic Engineering was organized by Irene Hofmann, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Orange County Museum of Art. Orange Lounge design and construction was funded by the Segerstrom Foundation.