Past Exhibitions

Zine Scene

Exhibition Through April 27, 2003

With Zine Scene, Orange County Museum of Art explores the creative and often subversive phenomena of the "zine," typically defined as a modest publication produced by an individual or small group. Artists often use zines to share their own work, thoughts, and ideas with their peers. Part of a long history of underground publishing and the alternative press movement, zines are by definition antiestablishment and noncommercial. They are often produced in small editions and with very lowbrow design and production techniques that include handwritten text, printing by copy machines, and binding with a stapler or tape. The term zine itself is a shortened version of fanzine, which refers to pamphlets originating from the fan club scene. 

OCMA's South Coast Plaza gallery became an interactive zine reading room as zines from across the country populated reading spaces around the gallery. The majority of the zines included in this exhibition were submissions from alumni and students of Cranbrook Academy of Art, where Zine Scene originated in 2002. At the Orange County Museum of Art, the exhibition expands with the inclusion of new submissions from zine makers on the West Coast. 


Zine Scene, installation view Orange County Museum of Art South Coast Plaza.

Exhibition Credits

Zine Scene originated at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, where it was curated by Sarah Schleuning.


Zine Scene's presentation at OCMA was made possible by the generous support of Christine and Jeff Masonek, with additional support by the Segerstrom Foundation, South Coast Plaza, and Miss Sixty.