Free Audio Tour - Spring 2015

Now accessible from home or cell phone, enjoy Guide By Cell audio tours for Alien She, Fred Tomaselli: The Times, Selections: Dieter Roth’s Picadillies, and Misappropriations: New Acquisitions.

Call (949) 203-3053 and enter any prompt number (listed below) followed by the pound sign (#) to access commentary from artists, curators, and more.

Prompt numbers:

1 Alyssa Cordova, OCMA Curatorial Associate discussing Fred Tomaselli: The Times

2 Artist Fred Tomaselli discussing All the Bands...(1990)

3 Artist Fred Tomaselli discussing Guilty (2005)

4 Libby Black, Misappropriations Artist

5 Edgar Arcenaux, Misappropriations Artist

6 Astria Suparak and Ceci Moss, Alien She Curators

7 Miranda July, Alien She Artist 

8 Dan Cameron, OCMA Chief Curator discussing Dieter Roth’s Picadillies