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California Biennial 2008 Catalogue

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The 2008 California Biennial includes a 224 page catalogue published by the Orange County Museum of Art that highlights the wide range of contemporary art practices within the exhibition and provides a critical context for the multi-generational group of artists included in the exhibition. For the emerging artists in the 2008 California Biennial, this book is their first professional publication. Also included in the catalogue is an introductory essay by guest curator Lauri Firstenberg and contributors Joshua Decter and René Peralta. Decter explores the nature of biennial exhibitions while Peralta addresses the culture of the border. Each artist is featured on two to four pages with reproductions and an interview conducted by a curator, critic, or fellow artist. Contributors include Christopher Bedford, Andrew Berardini, Walead Beshty, Erik Bluhm, Andrea Bowers, Juli Carson, Charlotte Cotton, Lauri Firstenberg, Malik Gaines, Cesar Garcia, Rita Gonzalez, Emma Gray, Hou Hanru, Glen Helfand, Karin Higa, Jens Hoffman, Alex Israel, William E. Jones, Clara Kim, Rachel Kushner, Julie Lazar, Simon Leung, Aram Moshayedi, Julian Meyers, Marcos Ramirez, Nizan Shaked, Irene Small, Jan Tumlir, and Sue Yank. The catalogue is designed by Los Angeles-based Tracy Shiffman Design.
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