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Inspired to a creative breakthrough by a copy of MAD magazine, promoted by the surrealist Matta, and discovered in Paris, Peter Saul (*1934 in San Francisco) has created often difficult, funny, and trenchant works—“sick jokes” according to Robert Storr. Presaging Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley and exerting noticeable influence on artists like Barry McGee and Ed Templeton, Saul’s works are long overdue for deeper examination. This publication gives the first comprehensive overview of five decades of Peter Saul’s paintings. It will feature numerous works from the early 1960s through the present, including his first “icebox” painting, several of his epic historical canvases, his homage to Thomas Hart Benton, his satiric works poking fun at the art world’s sacred cows, and still more that painfully evoke the multiple psychic hazards of being an aging American male, together with recent works that address current affairs. Texts by Dan Cameron, Michael Duncan, interview with the artist by Robert Storr Exhibition schedule: Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, June 22–September 21, 2008